February 22, 2018

B Timber Impregnation

B Timber SIA
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PVN numurs: LV50103785391
Juridiskā adrese: Traleru iela 2A, Rīga, Latvija
Banka: A/S”Citadele banka”

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WE use:

Tanalith e

Next generation TANALITH E wood preservative is designed for use in high pressure industrial treatments.This renowned preservative gives a proven, outstanding performance, particularly for timbers intended for use in ground contact applications.

vacsol aqua

VACSOL Aqua water based preservatives are industrially applied in a controlled low pressure, double vacuum process which gives an outer envelope of protection to general construction and joinery timbers. Less moisture is absorbed than in high pressure treatments allowing the wood to dry quicker and helping to retain its original dimensions.

antiblu select

ANTIBLU Select wood preservative provides a tried, tested and proven short term protection against Sapstain, sometimes called blue stain, and mould. ANTIBLU helps to maintain timber’s clean and bright appearance and its commercial value.ANTIBLU treatments are ideal for the protection of pallet and packaging timbers

our Advantages

fast processing

We will make sure that your material will be ready as soon as possible.


We are located in in B Port territory and your material can be loaded straight to vessel after impregnation. This allow to save on transport costs.


We will provide you the required quality and price

Protect your wood

P&B Timber offer high quality impregnation services in Riga port.

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